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Music Unlocks Success in Career

There’s a greater reason to appreciate music now more than its rhythm and harmony. A Recent study showed listening to music can actually boost your performance at work. And the good thing, listening to Akon is just as effective as listening to Mozart.
Mindlab International spearheaded an interesting study that found 9 out of 10 workers generally excelled in their tasks when there’s music. Specifically, 88% of participants was able to deliver their most accurate test results while 81% worked fastest with music around.
According to neuropsychologist head research, Dr. David Lewis, music has just become a very powerful management tool. Corporate leaders who want to boost both the efficiency and mental and emotional state of their workforce must consider using music.
The experiment participated, all were given the cognitive tasks of checking spellings, solving equations, solving mathematical word problems, doing data entry, and abstract reasoning. The tasks were varied for 5 consecutive days. All the while, participants listened to 4 different music genres and at one instance, to no music at all. Interestingly, participants made most mistakes when they did not listen to music at all.
This collaborative campaign between Mindlab International and Music Works gives companies a refreshing idea that does not involve huge expenses. All one needs is to know which genre produces this and that result.
Classical music was found to improve accuracy by 12% among participants when they worked on mathematical problems. So, when the task involves numbers and attention to details, play Mozart over the office radio.
Pop music is ideal for work involving data entry and tight deadlines. Participants were found to work 58 % faster than listening to no music at all. The participants did spell-checking more quickly. Pop is the best predictor for speed alongside dance music.
Ambient music for solving equations was found to best produce accuracy. Lastly, dance music resulted in the highest overall accuracy and fastest performance regardless what task types. Particularly, participants were able to produce more accurate spell-checking, solving equations and mathematical word problem results. Proofreading was increased by 20% and abstract reasoning completion completed more quickly.
This finding on music and productivity helps not only companies but workers as well. If there are company restrictions regarding music use, workers may opt to bring private headsets and iPods to boost their own productivity. With this simple trick, one achieves milestones in a corporate career.


Beyonce’s fifth solo album was released in 2013. It was interesting because she was able to make the entire album including the visuals, in secret. However, this time there were more hints leading up to her newest album.

Recently she teased something with the title “Lemonade” on the social network Instagram. There was also a short trailer that aired on HBO that stated that the past and present met at one juncture. They were uncertain what the event was going to be. However, they knew it was on the way.

“Lemonade” aired recently on HBO. It was actually a visual album. It’s now available on Tidal. The visual album includes music videos with chapter titles. They’re connected by Beyonce reading poems written by Warsan Shire.

The album traces a story of both infidelity as well as reconciliation. It begins with the artist questioning a relationship she’s in. She first asks the viewer if he’s cheating on her. When she learns that the partner has been doing that, she starts to protest. She then makes a threat towards the other woman involved. She then seems to be freed from a partner who can’t be trusted. The relationship then sends to end in a reunion. The end of the hour ends with pictures of happy couples and an argument that the heroine will move on with her life. She explains that her partner and her will heal and start over again.

Beyonce also tells about her experience of being a black woman. It includes a clip of a speech by Malcolm X. It states that the most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person in America is the black woman.  There are almost no women in the film. Instead, there are many images of large groups of women. This shows that they’re unified.

In terms of visuals, “Lemonade” includes many settings. Most of them are in the South. They include plantation houses, New Orleans, and others. The motif of fire also occurs many times. They include a wall of fire, and an explosion that happens behind her.

Another common motif is tunnels. One song she sings at a long brick passageway’s end. In addition, the camera often moves down hallways, buildings, etc.

Next, in terms of guests, there were many celebrities who helped with “Lemonade.” They include tennis star Serena Williams, some young actresses, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy. There are also some guests who are heard but don’t appear on the album. They include samples of Isaac Hayes, The Weekend, and James Blake. The singer Nina Simone is also included on the album. Kendrick Lamar is also featured on the new album. However, he didn’t rap in the visual presentation.

Meanwhile, the music includes piano ballads, with mostly keyboard/layered vocals. One of the songs is like a country blues tune, with a part by a brass brand. There’s also some rock gospel and funk in the songs. Meanwhile, when Beyonce is showing her anger, the soundtrack is like a bar band cover.

Recently, a Chick-fil-A location made a joke that referenced Beyonce’s new visual album. It posted a sign claiming that its lemonade is fresher than Beyonce’s. Meanwhile, another store in another location argued that its lemon drink was better than the singers.