Beyonce’s fifth solo album was released in 2013. It was interesting because she was able to make the entire album including the visuals, in secret. However, this time there were more hints leading up to her newest album.

Recently she teased something with the title “Lemonade” on the social network Instagram. There was also a short trailer that aired on HBO that stated that the past and present met at one juncture. They were uncertain what the event was going to be. However, they knew it was on the way.

“Lemonade” aired recently on HBO. It was actually a visual album. It’s now available on Tidal. The visual album includes music videos with chapter titles. They’re connected by Beyonce reading poems written by Warsan Shire.

The album traces a story of both infidelity as well as reconciliation. It begins with the artist questioning a relationship she’s in. She first asks the viewer if he’s cheating on her. When she learns that the partner has been doing that, she starts to protest. She then makes a threat towards the other woman involved. She then seems to be freed from a partner who can’t be trusted. The relationship then sends to end in a reunion. The end of the hour ends with pictures of happy couples and an argument that the heroine will move on with her life. She explains that her partner and her will heal and start over again.

Beyonce also tells about her experience of being a black woman. It includes a clip of a speech by Malcolm X. It states that the most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person in America is the black woman.  There are almost no women in the film. Instead, there are many images of large groups of women. This shows that they’re unified.

In terms of visuals, “Lemonade” includes many settings. Most of them are in the South. They include plantation houses, New Orleans, and others. The motif of fire also occurs many times. They include a wall of fire, and an explosion that happens behind her.

Another common motif is tunnels. One song she sings at a long brick passageway’s end. In addition, the camera often moves down hallways, buildings, etc.

Next, in terms of guests, there were many celebrities who helped with “Lemonade.” They include tennis star Serena Williams, some young actresses, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy. There are also some guests who are heard but don’t appear on the album. They include samples of Isaac Hayes, The Weekend, and James Blake. The singer Nina Simone is also included on the album. Kendrick Lamar is also featured on the new album. However, he didn’t rap in the visual presentation.

Meanwhile, the music includes piano ballads, with mostly keyboard/layered vocals. One of the songs is like a country blues tune, with a part by a brass brand. There’s also some rock gospel and funk in the songs. Meanwhile, when Beyonce is showing her anger, the soundtrack is like a bar band cover.

Recently, a Chick-fil-A location made a joke that referenced Beyonce’s new visual album. It posted a sign claiming that its lemonade is fresher than Beyonce’s. Meanwhile, another store in another location argued that its lemon drink was better than the singers.



Iconic Musician Prince Found Dead at 57

Prince RIP – Dead at 57

Legendary musician Prince was recently found at this Paisley Park estate in Minnesota, which resulted in an investigation about the cause of his death. The artist was born Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince was 57 years old. His publicist stated that the legendary/iconic performer passed away at his residence.

The cause of Prince’s death hadn’t been confirmed. However, a week before his death his plane was forced to conduct an emergency landing so the artist could get to the hospital. A representative stated at the time that he was suffering from influenza.

A Carver County Sheriff’s Office made a press release regarding Prince’s death. It stated that he was discovered in an elevator and then pronounced death at exactly 10:07.

Prince had a major influence on the world of modern pop music. He had a series of successful albums from the late 1970s through the 1990s. The albums were diverse, popular, and innovative. He also starred in the 1984 movie “Purple Rain.” It included music from his album with the same name. It is widely regarded as one of the all-time best musicals.

In the year 1983 Prince changed his name to a symbol. He then started battling with his label Warner Bros. about creative control of his music. It lasted throughout the decade. Then in the year 2000 he changed his name to Prince again. Then in 2004 Prince was inducted into famous rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He also performed at the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show.

Prince’s most recent albums were released last year. Meanwhile, his final concert took place at Fox Theater in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Prince’s memoir is set to release next fall.

The artist’s title track of “Purple Rain” was named by Pitchfork as the top song of the 1980s.

A key figure in the investigation of Prince’s death could be his long-time friend Kirk A. Johnson who had a cameo in the film “Purple Rain.” Detectives interviewed a former Prince drummer and manager of his estate after the unexpected death last month.

A court document that was secured by the Los Angeles Times reveals that police seized Prince’s medical records from a Minnesota hospital in early May. Investigators were interested in files involving a doctor who treated Prince during the weeks before he was found dead on April 21. Johnson reveals in the warrant that he told detectives Prince went to another medical clinic for a sickness in 2014 or 2015.

The media has speculated for weeks that Prince had an addiction to painkillers and could have resulted in his death. However, authorities haven’t made an official announcement yet. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office told Yahoo on Tuesday that it was unable to provide any comments or clarifications regarding details about the investigation.

Johnson took care of Prince’s studios and home in Minnesota. He was also Prince’s unofficial bodyguard. He has hired a Minneapolis attorney. Johnson is also a personal trainer but hasn’t visited the gym since Prince passed away, based on an AP report.

Johnson recent sent a text message on Friday to the Star Tribune. He said that he was in too much pain to speak.