• LED Strip Lighting

    LED strip lights

    LED strip lights have revolutionized the lighting industry and are a great option for lighting up almost any environment imaginable.The strip comprises of several LEDs mounted on a flexible strip using an adhesive. These lights are widely used now days for decoration, task lighting and replacement of standard fixtures due to their low power consumption (12-24 volts DC) and high efficiency. The brightness and color of each LED can be controlled with a micro controller. The versatility and portability of these lights makes it popular than traditional lights. These are also appreciated as their thermal dissipation ability is better than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. Moreover they do not contain toxic substances like mercury, hence their disposal does not create a headache.

    The fire rated LED strip light is highly flexible, dimmable, field cuttable and displays a wide range of colors. It requires a driver to operate and all the adjustments pertaining to the lights can be done by a controller included in the strip. Due to the high quality light output the strip lights can be seen in almost all high class restaurants, beer parlor and residential applications. The LED strip light is best for Computer lighting, toys, cove lighting, kitchen lighting, interior lighting, project lighting, exhibit lighting and close application task lighting.

    led strip lightingUnlike bulbs LEDs use semiconductors that glow when electricity passes through them. As electricity passes electrons get excited and emit extra energy in the form of light. In case of light strips several LEDs are connected together by electric wires. These strip lights come in a roll which can be cut short to any size depending upon the requirement.

    Depending upon color, adhesive and chip, the LED strip lights can be distinguished. Some are monochromatic while others are multicolored. The LEDs present on monochromatic strip lights use only a single chip address. On the contrary the multicolored addressable LED strip light comprises of multiple chip addresses which means that each diode present on the strip can be individually triggered. They are also classified as water resistant or non-resistant depending upon the presence or absence of an outer plastic covering.

    While purchasing LED strip light, it is essential to note down the wattage. Operating the strip light on a power source less than that is mentioned on the product could lead to risk of fire. It is imperative to check the material used in the strip light. Many manufacturers go for low quality materials which might shorten the lifespan of the lights.